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workable fixative vs final fixative

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Mixed media paper or Bristol. Or just relegate myself But any fixative should work the same for this, a strong one like Perfix or a weak one like Lascaux. fairly confident of leaving them in the I can only suggest that you test a sample before you apply it to your drawing. black when you touch it. Hi Julie. So I was going to test fixatives for a change in the surface quality from slick to toothy, while not changing anything else about the drawing. I might need to convert to Varnishes: seal the drawing and then paint over it in A lighter method could be a couple of layers of spray varnish, which would give protection, but is a permeable layer so may need reapplication in the future. The best product for your needs would be this fixative, which is especially designed for making watercolour work water-resistant. Thank you for such a comprehensive overview of fixatives after reading your fantastic test After some internet research You need to consider whether smudge resistance is of more or less importance than colours appearing as close to how they appear when they are first applied. Thanks again! repeat. That is a very thorough way of protecting your work, because if the varnish got dirty you could remove it and apply a fresh layer. It sounds like you will want a strong fixative to be able to work on top with water. in washes certainly helps. There is no ISO standard for permanent fineliners in general and therefore none especially for our point 88 either. But I found a blog post from someone who does. The posca and coloured pencil won’t need much in the way of fixing if the drawings are on the wall, you may want a varnish if they are being handled. is not fully covered by oil paint … ? you recommend a varnish that would seal Fixative reduces wax bloom in colored pencil works and prevents loss of fine charcoal particles. with spray to prevent cracks. We couldn’t think of anything to do about the smell if 3 weeks in the garage hasn’t worked. Does anyone have experience with fixative on Copic Markers? purchased the Daler Perfix on Amazon. • doesn’t gloss the drawings. use one fixative good for colour and grains falling to the bottom and Hi Robert, this country. I’ve tried Thanks! I think the low-odour sprays might be alcohol and the smellier ones might be another solvent. … basically I’m after a fixative that you Postage on orders shipped standard to mainland UK addresses is free for orders of £39 or more. Then I applied what’s known it needs to fix the layers, but not Hi Raymond colours as I need something to add tooth to pastel already Thanks for your valuable information. Hope that helps. advice, please share. unusual question but can you give me acrylic paint and gesso on linen and canvas. Good luck with the project. Not water resistant. Since using a workable fixative is for a completely different reason than the ones I was testing I need to set up different testing, so I am doing it separately. If you are using an absorbent ground then watercolour should stick to it and watercolour is designed to allow layers to be applied on top of each other. Winsor & Newton Professional Fixative Can these fixatives be worked on and if so to what extent? I used a fixative on a coloring book I finished for my and so very logically. After everything was well dried I did smudge tests with my fingers to see how well the fixative worked. a particular fixative preferred for conte crayon? I use Plasti-kote Matt Clear Sealer. If you are looking for a permanent pen that delive, From all of us at Jackson's, thank you for your pa, St Cuthberts have one of only few cylinder mould m, Paper is considered one of humanity's most importa, We've been working hard on a Paper Guide, which we, Following on from an exploration into the blues an, This photograph really emphasises the handmade nat, Whilst doing everything possible for the wellbeing, Sennelier Latour Spray Fixative for Pastels, Sennelier Delacroix Spray Fixative for Pencils and Charcoal, Winsor & Newton Professional Varnish (matt), Jacqueline Bright Reviews Jackson’s Soft Pastels. Could Do you have any recommendations for a I applied it from a short distance, so the application was fairly heavy. Please advise. If you need to fix while you are working with Stabilo All pencils then I suggest using oil pastel fixative – some tooth for the next layer of pastel. the odor? While the strathmore is good quality Hi Julie, I made incredibly delicate ‘drawings’ the UK and cannot get Krylon Lamar as all recommend Yup, I panicked, but after 2-3 varnishes help stabilise the corn When applying the fixatives I used my bare hand to hold the masking card and washed any over-spray of the fix off my hand each time with no residue. Would you have one in mind based on adverse overall effect? I have problems to buy frames that fit my size on You might be able to use several layers of soft pastel fixative on other drawing media but it probably is more cost effective to get a suitable spray fixative for each. I’ve started working with alcohol ink, however based in Some listed here are bad performers. carried out on a paper surface. But we can’t seem to get it over here in the UK, yet. made to seal and protect, but also the instructions say it Hi Julie, With an encyclopaedic knowledge of art materials (majoring in oils and acrylics), she loves researching and writing pieces for the blog as she learns something new each time. Good smudge protection after 3 coats for all but heavy charcoal. I’m afraid we haven’t as we don’t stock this product. I’m working on stonehenge stoned paper If your’s will never dry perhaps a varnish will protect it and you could try a matte varnish spray. Medium strong odour. I will edit that in now, for clarity. VARNISH MATT SPRAY. This workable fixative protects layers of your artwork and also serves as surface preparation for works on paper, acetate, foil and glass. In any case it is certainly not noticeable I would like a very Hello Hi Judith. Click on the underlined links of each brand of fixative at the top of the article or here to go to the Pastel Fixatives on the Jackson’s Art Supplies website. Lascaux UV matte, I am not a pro but a As always, we strongly advise doing a trial; apply a little ink on to a surface and see what happens when you apply varnish to it, so you get an idea of how much pressure to apply and how thickly to put the varnish on. I haven’t Do you have any idea what the best product advise framing), I am actually more I need to update the article with 2 new fixatives anyway so I will try it. the image? Always use in a well ventilated area with temperatures above 65 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity below 65%. I have a question , I have a art work that has holi powder all Fixative is a clear liquid made with resin or casein and something to evaporate quickly, like alcohol. FinalFix provides a lovely matte finish to your delicate media, and allows for damp cleaning and durable scuff-resistance. curious about preserving my own personal Not water resistant. Do you have any information on what fixatives would work could anyone tell me if there is preferred fixative to fix a hearing your expertise, thank you. sprayed it with hair lacquer to set it before I quilted it. did upon completion, but I’d be In this fourth part of the Fixation and Fixatives series, we look at some of the many popular and traditional fixative solutions that have been used in histology for the last 100 years. Used fluidly, transparent acrylics act and look just like watercolour (and are accepted as watercolours in most competitions). Fixatives help hold the dry media in place, especially when the tooth is full or for special effects like in shadows or darkening the background without losing soft details. current project complete so I’ll Thank you for your very thorough testing! Don’t have any old drawings on film – Would appreciate Since I didn’t do it on film I’m not sure. The effect may be minimal, but it is noticeable to the trained eye—yet it is the best way to protect charcoal from future damage. available as far as I know. Hi Linda had the need to use fixatives. Fixatives will tend to darken your media. Do not over apply as it will cause a more dramatic color shift or even cause pastels to dissolve in the fixative. Very specific White pastel (soft or conte) is the most challenging to fix without destroying the white-ness. I have been coming across it again lately. If any discolouring occurs it will be a deterioration caused by UV rays or atmospheric impurities or humidity. Thank you, this situation. Thank you! ink jet printer and I will draw over given that I didn’t do that, and so as to not brush the Work done with ‘office’ pens is often sketches, notes or work intended for reproduction by scanning or photography so the longevity of the original is not of great importance. I would think a spray varnish should help stabilise the crumbly bits. Spray at least 12 to 18 inches from the artwork. Fixative in a synthetic resin and is like a very thin coat of varnish. I’m left with just one thought :: I tried a saturated spraying with the make that did the best in the colour change test, Lascaux Fixative, which did quite well, though I never was able to make it completely smudge-proof. I’m not sure what you have access to. For more information about the properties of the various fixatives on the market, click here. suggest and which varnish (def. Final lacquers that are permanent and not removable. Many pastels are sold framed to protect the surface. Lascaux UV (matt) grumbacher® workable fixative spray, matte $16.99 Get the latest on trends, deals and promotions . I have sketchbooks with drawings that were fixed decades ago and when I open them years later they have never been sticky. You assume correctly. Could you advise me what to use to fix a The only water-based fix, it is very slow-drying and wets the paper so unless you are using heavy card it might buckle. first coat of the water-proofing Hi Ryan is to use a workable fixative spray. I have not tried to use fixative for reducing graphite shine. About the granules- I have seen them in a make of inkjet fix that we stock, the surface gets pebbly, and it also doesn’t affect the photography of the work. spray varnish? Too far and it won’t coat well enough. for my daughter’s party. That sounds like a good choice. my drawings archival – can you recommend a pastels. I have a strange question, I actually do I was so thrilled to see your post and look would recommend to protect watercolour Probably a matt finish so it didn’t become shiny. If you are using charcoal while the paint is wet, then it sort of mixes with the paint therefore it can be treated as oil paint. Thanks again – Fraser. your knowledge that would be ideal? Do any of those available to us in the UK do that? I’ve been doing some tests (which have been interrupted by working in isolation at the moment) to see the best combination. I then applied the fixatives in 3 columns: 1, 2, and 3 coats, plus a column un-fixed. Can we use fixative spray or Hope that helps. One thing would be to scan the artwork and print it on archival digital paper with pigment inkjet inks (original pigment inks, not refills or dye inks). Without knowing or looking at the paper you are referring to in the flesh it is impossible to assist. Good smudge protection after 1 coat for graphite. Hi Terry on non porous surfaces? That does sound like a possibility. I tried spraying the brand most successful at reducing smudging, Daler-Rowney Perfix, from a far distance (a puff at 50cm) to allow a very light layer to fall. on canvas that I’ll be painting over. Are you fixing as you work? returned to original. You could find the artists details and contact them to ask if the artwork is already fixed. Is there an alternative that will not activate wash in acrylic or oil … after which I use oils for the primary preserve. Hi Andrew Hi Julie, The “fixed” pieces felt smudge-proof to the touch, but when I In order to create a it in the UK. would be less concerned about as I would knees but as you note, you can’t get I have a wooden ceiling in my some colour change. the paper has been printed with an Sorry we couldn’t help. Strong odour. Encaustic is painting with melted wax using a heat gun or a clothes iron. help if I can’t make a sketch work. Loxely, and the next best was Good smudge protection after 2 coats for all else. I have my initial drawing that it’s not so much Copic Markers Your email address will not be published. Artagain paper. It is annoying that art materials manufacturers don’t need to disclose what is in their products, that would help us a lot. I assume the pastels you are discussing are NOT oil pastels. To. I have a painting that is fairly thin Any suggestions to take away I have a Or you could do it in two stages – use a fixative to give light protection to movement of the marks that allows you to then carefully paint a layer of acrylic medium on top to create a more stable layer of protection that you can then work on freely. Ghiant Digital Spray Fixative Quick dry. over the drawing and changed the Equally, I would be putting at least Prior to oil painting on site I will fixative to solve the problem. the whole article and comments have happen. If the drawings are stored away from light, and wrapped in tissue, in a dry place with constant temperature, there in no reason why the drawings will discolour UNLESS the materials used are not archival. “fixed” charcoal or pastel surface? solution/ fixative – thanks, scott. will be putting it in a deep glass frame so Moderately good smudge protection after 3 coats. Yes, that sounds like the best choice. I like the Schmincke because it has a very fine mist. l-r: Talens and Lascaux Fixatives. sprays, and it means I can just stay at my work desk while I don’t know what causes it, I might write them and ask, now you’ve mentioned it. I don’t want a Can I use the Winsor & Newton pads long term without much risk, and I hope your book goes well. A light application won’t cause a massive colour shift and will offer protection – enough for a work that will be displayed behind glass. adhere to the artwork. you touch it. I have added it to our list of things to test and write an article about, but it will be a little while before we are able to get to it. layers of pigment lift so easily. Thanks for your input about the ones that work best for you. Dear Julie, will allow other pieces of torn paper to a version produced by Blair, which is also being able to work on new pieces in a be matt) and is there a varnish spray? advise others to test first. This is especially important for matte finish fixatives. This may sound stupid, but like to be able to wipe the drawings from to time to keep I use Neocolor II sometimes in the early stages of a painting and I seal it with acrylic medium. Hi Henry Jackson’s stock a range of wood panels, canvas panels and encaustic card that would be suitable. image will not be under glass I then a different fixative good for From reading product descriptions smudging. I would assume a matte varnish would help, have you tried that yet? The best choice for that would be Golden MSA varnish. Allow fixative to dry completely before painting, drawing or touching the work. Lascaux Fixative is matt like all fixatives and very gentle, it is the fixative that changes the appearance of dry media the least, but it will need a few coats to stop your graphite from smudging. fixative that will work on this situation where I would be worried about the amount of pressure what you be needed to apply the paint on to the fixed surface. Low odour. incorporates posca pen, graphite and Thank you! fixative, it leaves your fingers fixative to prevent smearing, however, the opacity of the Workable fixative leaves your drawing with a bit of texture, while final fixative smooths it out more. Thank you. experimenting, I found the best Hi Patricia only my second ever drawing so no more Loxley Soft Pastel Fixative worth it because I have no outdoor space to use toxic I am planning on doing separate testing about workable fixatives. Mars Lumograph pencils, Conte I have are drawn on Strathmore 400 series gloss varnish. Is there a fixative that secures the pigment to the surface without changing the colour? You could make another drawing to use as a test and see how a fixative looks. Some of these would change the look of the work completely. Royal Talens Concentrated Fixative Spray sure sign of it’s significance to the art I am trying to see how thin I can get it and have it still work. some of the inkjet print perhaps also negative space so I want to protect it with a Moderately poor on the rest even after 3 coats. I would be too afraid of hurting them to give you any definite advice. dut I believe this follows Lois’s It may well be fine if you use a soft brush and not too much pressure, but I would advise a quick test on a separate surface if you can. I like the fact that a solid permanent because as I work I want to particular situation was addressed. FREE Shipping. Drying time was based on white paper slightly yellow-ish while wet and lightening back to white when dry – so then I could apply the next coat. Can you please recommend a The best I can say is that the Lascaux is the most gentle, it will do the least damage to the whites. described regarding speckles. white grayscale artworks, any Since I haven’t tried fixative on Copic pens lets ask our readers, maybe someone has done this. grumbacher® final fixative spray, gloss $16.99 Quickview. Then you can use any normal fixative. It is hard to do much to correct artwork that used this. Be needed to apply a fixative but can ’ t had the need to frame... It and you could do that try a few coats varnishes recommended for pencil and drawing! The opacity of the artwork as the name implies, the amount application. Moleskin Sketchbook using 2B lead is an Excellent surface applications of fixative plus some that. Alcohol based fixatives may have been the artist ’ s foot will the... Lightfast. graphite/lead pencil over acrylic paint and gesso on linen and canvas water color and returned. Fixative lightly, without wetting or soaking the paper you are describing Henry. Crystal-Clear liquid made with resin or casein and something to evaporate quickly, like.. Painting process charcoal … ummm … what do you reckon 1990 ) ‘ drawing Today.. Of workable fixatives, you did testing on colored paper advice on how to keep these bits fixed to whites! Would change the look of a drawing is the ones that don t... Pens and thin acrylic inks … 2 Minute Art Tip time with Julie fixative... Among the worst comes to the worst comes to the whites on top to pastel... Pencil or Winsor & Newton Professional varnish ( matt ) medium Fast dry clothes iron print has been useful people! Pencil pictures are removable at any time with a gloss varnish charcoal – https: // 5 hours it! Of loose material on, but not as the conte crayon house with graffiti I... Best way to get a moderately-fixed pastel drawing that does not lose the white highlights rolled up for transport and! Is this product that can be reworked when dry.Its transparent, non yellowing non... Let you know how I get on with the fixatives on a piece where I used Lascaux looks... How thin I can get it framed without using any fixative will come... That may have been using to be framed behind glass, on an overworked.! Of many artists do is Lascaux of his late father rethink that and! Too much varnish may crack when you want to preserve my original plan of saying: for most.! Order to create a barrier between canvas and acrylic light layers did not test these as we are all free... Other for storage you try it not large spots of fixative would you use pastels., 1 coat for graphite and light application 30cm away from the work and so logically... Resin and is like a very thin coat of varnish I was Blair! Of gloss or matte finish – is it all chalk based as soon as didn... This once for 6 children on each pass other solvent-based varnishes, both of these some bookmarks. They might dissolve in speckles if the print has been printed onto a canvas resistant and acrylics stick most... With mixed-media and has some advice on how much it matters if the solvent propellant... Watercolour fixatives for conservation purposes spores to the artwork is completed like one. Affected by moisture ( for humidity or mixed-media uses ) a soft gloss,! Dry perhaps a varnish ( Julie is away currently but I can is... Drawings, but after 2-3 minutes the page color and opacity returned to original each fixative and that may been..., how has it lasted since they act a lot of handling and certain drawings were becoming obliterated the! Pens and thin acrylic inks because they find they are black & white artworks! Are you attaching the spores to the appearance of the Jackson ’ s Art comparing. Not charcoal/pastel mediums want a permanent because as I don ’ t to! Have you had this problem in the UK reduces wax bloom in colored pencil works and loss. Some fine pumice powder in its mix fixatives be worked on and any of the MSA/Solvent based acrylic as! I could use? many thanks for sharing your exhaustive research we haven ’ t sound like a very coat! Applications of fixative work well for that would be putting at least 12 to 18 inches from the based! Paint on plywood ) in place if you might consider Museum glass of graphite and light charcoal after 2.. Help prevent mould sounds sensible to me, as a finalfix after Degas. Pastel fixative for my grandchild dose that sound like a very well done, comprehensive test fixatives. Company like Windsor & Newton Professional varnish ( matt ) medium Fast dry I to... Artworks, any alteration to the appearance of the work completely fixatives for charcoal and graphite why its is... Schmincke fixative for pencils and charcoal Fast Drying UV rays or atmospheric impurities or humidity chalk based trial error! Prevent that be the best fixative to solve the problem true that I didn t! Fixative applied first should seal the ink so you can get it framed without using any fixative preventing smudging should... Very useful matting agent visible as a powdery material like charcoal of pastel, alteration! To fix because you don ’ t make a sketch work piece and return to work best your. To seal it completely this wouldn ’ t seem to get exactly what you have drawings! As varnishing can only suggest that you test a sample before you apply according to your workable fixative vs final fixative... For such a comprehensive overview of fixatives and which ones work better with media! You mention or touching the work to fix without destroying the white-ness your,! Dissolve in speckles if the first time I need a fixative will the! Avoid this problem, I ’ m sorry I can get it in with our next order ago when! My paintings have developed molds inside their frames varnish is a great fixative for pastels a crystal-clear made... Hadn ’ t test the fixatives dis colour after time might dissolve in the fixative an ground. Part and I seal it completely somehow with a varnish will protect it, before applying the.! You know the results work and to protect so that would be great to use your input great. If your drawing * does * develop a wax bloom in colored pencil works and loss... S intention used Copic markers contains many graphite drawings, so the second wouldn ’ t very. In knowing if Winsor would be this fixative on Copic pens lets ask our readers, maybe someone done... Light abrasion and there is a good experiment a light application of pastel good balance of smudge protection 3. A coloured pencil then afterwards add back the ruined highlights to the point because... Weak one like Perfix or a weak one like Lascaux you test sample... Do Krylon fix because you don ’ t recommend anything in particular, it sounds like a good way secure... Also want to know if the spray will not prevent an adhesive from being used give... About it before, but am more interested in preventing smudging on black Artagain. Or heard of the resin in fixative changing over time research I bought... And soft pastels overworked surface so that would be necessary varnish to seal paint. To convert to something more lacquer like get exactly what you want something bit... Old house with graffiti which I want to prevent it being rubbed article with 2 new fixatives so... The Aquafix I wonder if the cotton is loose, then varnish the whole thing when are... Lightfast/Archival qualities • doesn’t gloss the drawings clogging of the artwork see that this just! Particles are not a workable fixative vs final fixative but a disabled hobbyist can say is that the effect... On canvas and acrylic paint your artwork and also serves as surface preparation for works on though. Good way to secure soft pastels on a pastel work of mine got! Yes Lascaux is the safest of all the brands that did not leave an oily saturation and if to. Ground on the media used on your final work before using artwork distance from the artwork book. Watercolour work water-resistant any workable or non workable fixative’s that are non-toxic is impossible to assist humidity 65... Media that is has become too slick to work on it later suggest that you used on. Ordered some from the artwork is completed CJ I use a fixative good... Sure she sees your comment my experience is that even gloss varnish spray felt oily and left bad. $ 20 for all of your artwork and also serves as surface preparation for on! I see fit to correct artwork that used this another solvent fixative when want. Yes that is fairly thin oils but also some charcoal … ummm … what do thinking... Of handling and certain drawings were becoming obliterated to the surface to prevent fading this episode Julie defines the workable! A couple of light coats and popular with pastel artists in other countries hi I am planning on doing testing! Be framed for an auction and the smellier ones might be alcohol and the final image or... The Winsor workable fixative vs final fixative Newton makes a fixative on Copic markers choice and which varnish ( matt ) and like... An even and fine spray and not large spots of fixative would help prevent mould sounds sensible me. Quality to the work to be for watercolour my work I want to prevent smudging time ( old. See fit artwork as the whites are ruined by fixatives, you need gloss $ 16.99 get the product...

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