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Six dating behaviors, that scare single men away (II)

Опубликовано: Апр 12th, 2009

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Свидание в тишине4. FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS.

This is something that can drive a man crazy. Here is a typical example: The guy you’re dating, looks at you and says, «You really look beautiful tonite.»

Ten minutes later, you ask how he thinks your dress looks, your hair, etc. Let the compliments come from the heart.

Allow us to compliment you, when we really mean it. If we don’t give a compliment, at the exact moment you desire it, just accept it and be okay with that.


Avoid pushing friends on us too soon. Example: a woman will hang out with a guy on a first or second date, and say to him, «You have to meet my friends Jenna and Amy. You also have to meet my friends Phil and Anne. They’re such a great couple, and you’ll love them.»

A man hears this and thinks, «I don’t even know you yet. Can I get to know you for a month or two, before I have to go meet all your friends and be put on display as the boyfriend?»

We don’t want to be the «boyfriend» right away. It’s too much pressure. We want to get to you, know you slowly, and learn what you’re all about. Believe me, once I get to know you, and like you, I will be more willing to meet all your friends.


You don’t need to do everything together. You’re still getting to know him. If there are things he likes to do, that simply don’t interest you, be cool with it. You don’t have to be joined at the hip. If you are going to a cocktail party together, you don’t have to be next to him at every moment.

If you see him speaking with some woman at the party, do not immediately run over and grab his hand, and give him a big hug. And certainly don’t do this all night long. You are being clingy and possessive when you do this.

Following these tips will help you get past the first month with a new relationship with a man, and avoid some of the major pitfalls, that can end a new relationship, before it even starts. Be the confident woman you really are, so we have a chance to embrace you. Don’t scare us off before we have a chance to get to know you.


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  • Ryan 19 Апрель, 2009

    Interesting comments. I like the friends part. Dating is a slow process and the joy lies in letting things take their own course.

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